Monthly Archives: October 2015

the day site-specific contemporary trumped italian painting

date: July 3, 2015 time: 11:00am place: Vancouver Art Gallery As a curatorial assistant in contemporary art at an encyclopedic art museum, I often feel as though I walk the line between historic/contemporary art “insiders” and a general public (granted a public whose knowledge of visual art can be wide-ranging). Typically, when I ask a […]

photo essay: Breea Little

Denver-based photographer Breea Little explores happenings in everyday life. Her ongoing Bed Remnant Series considers presence and absence—the embodiment of who one is and what one represents through what is left behind both physically and emotionally. A body can occupy a space at a point in time and upon exit, partially remain through the lingering remnants of his/her being—a […]

Artist Interview: GirlFridayKC

GirlFridayKC Interview participants: Lyndsey Helling (LH), Lauren Tweedie (LT), Sherèe Lutz (SL) date: 9.19.2015 place: Studio, Katz Drugstore, Kansas City, Missouri background music: anywhere from podcasts to 80s/90s pop SL: I wanted to start by saying that I get more compliments on your pieces than on the rest of my wardrobe combined. I think people […]

why art?

As hard as it may be to define the word “blog,” attempting to define “art” is a far more herculean task, one that I will not even attempt. I have spent countless hours in classrooms discussing the topic, while each person in attendance knew fully well that no consensus of definition will (and perhaps should) […]

a preface post: putting pen to paper

It all starts with an internet search. Not one using a standard search engine of choice (Bing, Google, Yahoo—does anyone even use Yahoo?), but rather, the ever popular online Merriam-Webster dictionary. The term necessitating definition: BLOG. Blog, noun| \ˈblȯg, ˈbläg\: a website that contains online personal reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer. […]