Photo Essay: Jacob Banholzer

The relationship between humans and animals is a complicated one. There are moments of profound beauty and unthinkable horror. Recalling experiences of our individual pasts, we’re sure to acknowledge our role in both. Possessing this knowledge we continue to perpetrate suffering on a global scale. Recognizing the control we hold over our animal counterparts is key to determining our responsibility to them. This raises questions of our appropriate use of animals, equal consideration for animals, and recognizing our individual role in their existence, suffering, and ultimate death. This series covers some of these issues, but also looks at our interest in animals as pets, symbols, objects, and as experiences. Each of our interests in animals is personal, and often difficult to articulate. These photos are an opportunity to see the complicated relationship we share with our fellow sentient beings.

—Jacob Banholzer


Taft Point Deer, 2015, Archival print


Vaya Con Gato ICCWEB

Vaya Con Gato, 2014, Archival print

Sleeping Is Believing

Sleeping is Believing…, 2014, Archival print


Breathing Is Deceiving

…Breathing is Deceiving, 2014, Archival print

Marmot Lighting

For Your Viewing Pleasure…, 2014, Archival print


Sequoia Owl Posting, 2015, Archival print

If It Wasn't Clear Already ICCWEB

As if it Wasn’t Clear Already, 2014, Archival print


Jackass, 2014, Archival print

Costco Meat E

Meat, 2015, Archival print


Lion GateWEB

Lion Gate, 2013, Archival print


Manzanar Pet Cemetery, 2015, Archival print


Happy Cows Die in California, 2015, Archival print

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