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Arcangelo Sassolino: Not Human

date: January 17, 2016 time: 2:00 pm place: Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis Something captivating happens when science enters the art museum. It has been occurring for centuries as seen in the construction feat of the colossal Ramesses II sculptures at the Temple of Abu Simbel along Egypt’s Nile; the architectural one-point-perspective in Masaccio’s Holy […]

the day site-specific contemporary trumped italian painting

date: July 3, 2015 time: 11:00am place: Vancouver Art Gallery As a curatorial assistant in contemporary art at an encyclopedic art museum, I often feel as though I walk the line between historic/contemporary art “insiders” and a general public (granted a public whose knowledge of visual art can be wide-ranging). Typically, when I ask a […]