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Artist Interview: Darren Kennedy

Darren Kennedy Interview participants: Darren Kennedy (DK), Ben Lutz [childhood friend/classmate] (BL), Sherèe Lutz (SL) date: 1.13.2016 SL: How did you become interested in illustration? DK: My oldest brother is 8 years older than me. He got me into a lot of stuff that I am involved with now like dancing, drawing, video games, etc. […]

Artist Interview: GirlFridayKC

GirlFridayKC Interview participants: Lyndsey Helling (LH), Lauren Tweedie (LT), Sherèe Lutz (SL) date: 9.19.2015 place: Studio, Katz Drugstore, Kansas City, Missouri background music: anywhere from podcasts to 80s/90s pop SL: I wanted to start by saying that I get more compliments on your pieces than on the rest of my wardrobe combined. I think people […]