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Artist Interview: Lance Pufahl

Artist Interview Participants: Lance Pufahl (LP) and Sherèe Lutz (SL) Date: 5.26.2016 Place: River Market, Kansas City  SL: I feel that an underlying thread in this body of work is its surrealist underpinnings, ranging from heightened color palette, close or unusual cropping, imaginary landscapes, out of place objects etc. Would you be able to expand […]

Zach Reini: Ferocious Fun

Zach Reini’s solo show For the Fun Of It All opened at Bill Brady Gallery this May. Perhaps the exhibition is “fun” at a cursory glance. The candy-coated color, pop culture imagery, holographic shininess, and hard-edged painting draw your eye, giving the impression of a light-hearted space. However, nothing could be further from the truth. […]

Jaime Rovenstine: painting with major sevenths

Much of my graduate research focused on the intersection of music and the visual arts, ranging anywhere from Baka people’s conversion of their polyrhythmic drumming patterns on barkcloths to the influence of Japanese and Javanese visual arts/music on French composer Claude Debussy. Why my love of this interdisciplinary connection? Because, while my degrees are in […]

Artist Interview: GirlFridayKC

GirlFridayKC Interview participants: Lyndsey Helling (LH), Lauren Tweedie (LT), Sherèe Lutz (SL) date: 9.19.2015 place: Studio, Katz Drugstore, Kansas City, Missouri background music: anywhere from podcasts to 80s/90s pop SL: I wanted to start by saying that I get more compliments on your pieces than on the rest of my wardrobe combined. I think people […]